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The Times We Fell in Love – available now!

Jackson Mitchell is hopelessly in love with his rival, Maverick. His feelings are a secret until a provocative, harmless incident sets off a chain of events that can’t be taken back. Despite his reservations, Jackson shares his feelings with Maverick’s best friend, Nathan, who hasn’t exactly been himself lately. Despite his faltering relationship with Maverick, Nathan decides he’ll help Jackson win his heart. The only problem is, while Nathan privately grapples with the hidden realization that he’s bisexual and nonbinary, Jackson starts getting close enough to figure out the truth. Once that happens, relationships and feelings between them start to shift. It’s a change that doesn’t elude Maverick, and while time ticks by and emotions get complicated, the three of them set down a treacherous path of love, heartache and discovery of self that impacts them for the rest of their lives.