The Times We Fell in Love

Hello my dear friends!

I am so excited to announce that my next book, The Times We Fell in Love is coming out December 1st and available for pre-order in Kindle format now!

This novel is going to feel very different from my first (waaaay less cussing, notably). It’s a tender love story that follows a group of three friends from their college days and beyond. The premise mostly follows Nathan, who’s privately trying to come to terms with his identity as a nonbinary bisexual. Along the way, he accidentally finds himself wedged between his two friends: Maverick, his childhood bestie, and Jackson, a guy they both met in college. Without giving too much away, the general conflict is that Jackson and Maverick are involved in a toxic obsession with one another, unable to admit that they’re actually in love. Nathan decides to try and help get them together, but along the way Jackson figures out what’s going on with him and they inadvertently get close.

It’s a recipe for drama and heartache that unfolds in a very beautiful way. The overall theme is that it’s okay to be who you are, that there are people out there who will love and accept you, and sometimes life’s turns are pleasantly unexpected.

To those of you who have been with me on this writing journey, thank you so much. It means a lot to me. I know it isn’t always easy to take a chance on a new author, especially one that doesn’t have the backing of a major publishing house.

If you liked my last book, or you just think this sounds like a novel worth reading, please consider pre-ordering a copy. It’ll be $2.99 up until release and two weeks past, then it will increase in price. I’d also be more than grateful if you’re up for following me on Goodreads, Bookbub, Amazon or Twitter as these are the sites I’m finding myself most active.

Thank you again for your support and kindness. The writing community, both authors and readers, has been far sweeter than I’d ever anticipated.

Best wishes!


Links to my book and my socials:

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