Life’s Little (and big) Changes

Hello dear friends!

It’s been a little while since I’ve written a post, and that’s because life has suddenly gotten very hectic. As of Monday, I’ve embarked upon a significant journey in my life: returning to college after a year long mental health break. It’s a lengthy story, but essentially, I’ve been a military spouse for most of my marriage, so earning a degree has been somewhat of a challenge. I opted for online schooling for the first couple of years because my husband was often out at sea while I was alone in various states caring for our son. As of 2020, however, we’re now out of the Navy and settled in a small town. Naturally, 2020 came with it’s own set of challenges, and sometime in 2021 I hit a bit of a breaking point.

During my time off, I wrote a lot of fanfiction, which was therapeutic and eventually resulted in the creation of my first novel. It was a really special thing to have the chance to work out my anxieties like that. Without giving too much personal information away, I was going through a reckoning about my identity as a person, which does fall on the LGBTQ spectrum, though I’d prefer to keep exactly where to myself. I’m very, very grateful to have had the privileges in my life that allowed me to write through and work this out, as well as get myself into a better place mentally.

All that being said, I have arrived a the time to get back into gear with my education. Originally, I was earning a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife. Though I am fascinated with animals, nature and science, I found it too difficult to juggle both family and a degree such as that. So, to continue my education successfully I’ve decided to lean into what I’m good at – English and writing.

I’ve got about two more years of schooling to go, and so far I’m really enjoying my classes. I can’t believe I get to read novels, discuss them and call it work – it’s just so enjoyable to me!

Anyway, I’m coming to you from a very grateful place today, and also to let you know I’m still finding the time to write. I’m penning some fanfics on AO3 still, and I’m also thinking a lot about the next novel I want to write. I’ve got some pretty great ideas, and I think it’ll wind up being an enjoyable book…a bit lighter than the hefty one I’ve just released.

I suppose I’ll finish up this post with a quick update on my book! I’ve got a give away scheduled between September 1st and 5th, so don’t miss your chance to pick up a free copy! I do humbly ask that you consider subscribing to my blog, or possibly even leave me a rating/review. It’s really tough getting exposure on an Indie book, and every single reader contributes enormously to this effort. I appreciate every single one of you. I could never even hope to possibly explain how much it means to me that a few of you have given my writing a chance.

Best wishes everyone!


Pick up a copy of my debut novel The Fallout here.

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