How It’s Going

First and foremost, I’d like to say how grateful I am that a few organic readers have found my book and are reading it! In celebration of that fact, I’ve decided to place The Fallout on sale for 0.99 cents between August 2nd – August 7th! I’m hoping to get a copy of this book into as many hands as possible! You can pick one up HERE.

In other news, this whole experience has been totally wild! I’m putting in a lot of effort to grow followers on Twitter, which definitely helps. I’m also exploring various options for promotion, which is proving to be the tricky part. I’m no expert on copyright or advertising, at least not yet (I am earning a degree that focuses on this, though!!!), so it’s been a bit of trial and error to get the word out. As of now, I’m testing out lockscreen ads on Kindle, which should be going live at some point today. I’m also utilizing a service on Fiverr that takes a really affordable fee in exchange for promotion on various indie websites. I’ll update about that – I’d like to be as transparent as possible about the self-publishing experience in the hopes of helping other authors who might need it!

Aside from that, I’m so excited about all of this that I’ve already started writing my next book! Without giving away too much, it’s going to be a romantic drama entitled “Heavy”. It deals with a young woman and man who cross paths by accident as the result of a traumatic event, and follows their relationship as they get to know each other along the way. I originally wrote it as a fanfiction, and it did quite well, so I’m hoping it will translate into the world with original characters the same way!

I seriously cannot recommend trying your hand at fanfiction enough if you’re an aspiring author. It’s such a lovely way to get feedback on your writing and figure out your own style.

Anyway, that’s it for now I suppose! Best wishes to you all, and thank you for following this fun little blog of mine. I hope I can be of help while I share my writer’s journey.

Best Wishes,


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