The Fallout Available for Pre-Order!

The Fallout e-book is now available for pre-order on Amazon! You can get yourself a copy HERE. It will also be released in a paperback format on the same day, July 26th. I hear Tuesdays in July are an ideal time to release a good summer novel!

In other news, I am currently working on getting the book listed on Goodreads so I can claim an author profile. I am also taking a look at Bookbub, though I might give it some time to see if I’m going to require their services.

On a more personal front, things are going well. I’m enrolled to start classes this fall at my local university, and I’ll be going to a physical campus for the first time since 2010! My education journey is long, but in a nutshell, I got an Associate’s in Music Production at the Los Angeles Recording School when I was young, married a military guy unexpectedly, and had to restart my education in a different field. I attended two online schools while we moved all over the country, and I took a break when we got out of the Navy and settled. Now I’m excited to finish up! It’s been a lot of work juggling school, family, and writing my first book, to say the least!

I’m very excited for what the future holds. I hope this book does well enough to cover the initial investment, but mostly, I just hope that people read it and find some hope in it.

Thanks for popping in, friends! I am considering keeping up this blog with some book recommendations and little personal tidbits along the way!

Best Wishes,

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