Hello Friends!

My name is Kaycee King! I’m a fresh, new author with an angst-filled drama getting ready for release soon! I’m pretty inexperienced with this whole ‘marketing’ thing, and obviously I prefer to write behind a screen than put myself out there. Alas! Self publishing requires a bit of ‘going for it’, so here I am! Please forgive any awkwardness I might exude as I get my footing in this unfamiliar territory.

All of that being said, I’d like to properly introduce myself. I am a wife and mother in my early thirties with a penchant for creativity. I love anything artistic, and though I’m talented in a few different areas, writing has always been one of my best. Though some might consider me old (the people on Twitter have made sure I know that!) in my mind, I am still fairly young; there’s plenty of time left to accomplish great things, and one of those things I want to do is publish a book or two.

For some background, I’ve always been quite the story teller. When I was a child, I loved playing pretend and bossing my friends around, orchestrating whatever narrative I had simmering in my mind. I eventually decided to let up on my loved ones (probably with a great deal of relief on their parts!) and started to write fanfiction on the Internet. This form of writing can be the cause of much derision, but I am indebted to it for a number of reasons. In the fanfiction community, I not only honed in my craft and got honest feedback on my works, but I made some friendships I treasure dearly. It’s been a real blessing to write in the world like that, and as a result of some of my works, I learned that people not only enjoyed my portrayals of characters they already knew, but also grew to love the characters I dreamed up. That, in particular, has given me the courage to go after my dream today: publishing my first novel, with my very own cast of complicated characters.

I do hope you will check out my debut novel “The Fallout” when it’s released. It’s a drama that follows the lives of ten high school seniors who survive a mass shooting event in their school’s library. It explores the ways in which the people of the United States only pay attention for a finite amount of time, leaving the victims to sort out their lives in a variety of ways. Some turn to love, others get lost in resentment, drug abuse, and depression. There’s a bit of a political undercurrent to it, however, the objective of the story is not to underscore a set of views, but rather, to depict the very human cost from such a traumatic event.

I love writing characters, especially the flawed, complicated ones! It’s what I’ve become known for in the fanfiction community, and I hope it’s something you’ll enjoy about my original books, too.

Thank you so much for reading this little post. I look forward to what the future may bring. If you’re interested in hearing more about “The Fallout”, please consider giving me a follow on Twitter!

With tremendous gratitude,

your new friend – Kaycee King

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